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The Ale's What Cures Ye

by United Bible Studies

Blacksands 05:58
Twa Corbies 04:41


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'Atmospheric hoard from shadowy folk collective... The eldritch aesthetic of United Bible Studies might present them as kindred spirits of, say, Current 93. In fact, for all the sombre tones and distant hint of drone, this limited edition is a good deal more approachable than that: a set of traditional songs that should beguile orthodox fans as much as it does those bickering over the acid/freak/wyrd-folk nomenclature. The rustle of field recording provides a certain lo-fi ambience. but it's the warmth & precision of the performances that are striking, shifting from spare enchantments recalling Alasdair Roberts ('Twa Corbies') to Watersons-style acapella knees-ups. A little psychedelic, no doubt, but it's probably the ale, not the acid, that's prevalent.' John Mulvey, UNCUT.

"...'The Ale...' is beautifully recorded, evidently in numerous different locations, with coming and going vocalists contributing to a mesmerising group sound. The sense of the journey is epic, on many levels" - The Wire

''...a superb collection, as authentic as it is novel, delivered by a group of musicians who tackle folk in the best way possible: by taking the past, revering it, and then injecting a modern perspective.'' Dusted Magazine

"United Bible Studies are one of those whose popularity is growing like a snowball running down a big mountain slowly. Their first release was 12 years ago but there has not been any sudden burst of PR, just just steady hard work winning over festival crowds and slowly growing. Who else would record a harmonium in a beach cave?" - Was Ist Das

"A joy from start to finish this album seems to connect with the very essence of what United Bible Studies are about and, as such, seems to be an essential purchase." - Terrascope

"Sometimes you need to get your hands dirty in order to feel something real. United Bible Studies know this all too well, so roll your sleeves up and dig in just to receive their gentle kiss on your cheek." - The Big Takeover

"The entire collection is richly evocative of the UK’s folk revival, early albums and songs from the Incredible String Band and others, though the circumstances of the recording and variety of songs displace their psychedelic tendencies with a more explicit sense of memory, space, and reverence." - Decoder Magazine

"Did you notice the break in the flow there? This United Bible Studies album has taken up quite a few hours of the working day and the listening time." - Organart


released November 10, 2015


Aine O'Dwyer - Piano
Michael Tanner - Bowed Dulcimer, Strohviol
Alison Cotton - Viola
David Colohan - Harmonium
Nicholas Palmer - Piano

Recorded at Greenwitch, West Moors and Mupe Bay Smuggler's Cave in Dorset, Ballymahon in Ireland, and the English countryside

Farewell Nancy:

David Colohan - Vocals, Mandocello
Sharron Kraus - Vocals, Tin Whistle

Recorded by Gavin Prior in Dublin, Ireland

Sullivan's John:

David Colohan - Vocals
Nicholas Palmer - Banjo

Recorded in Mupe Bay Smuggler's Cave, Dorset

Dalesman's Litany/The Burning Sea

David Colohan - Vocals, Dulcimer, Harmonium
Michael Tanner - Banjo, Vocals, Electric Bass, Marching Drum, Accordion, Acoustic Guitars, Bowed Dulcimer, Strohviol
Alison O'Donnell - Vocals, Bodhran
Alison Cotton - Viola, Vocals

Recorded at Greenwitch, Dorset

The Sweet Streams Of Nancy

David Colohan - Vocals, Parlour Guitar, Table Harp, Harmonium
Nicholas Palmer - Piano, Accordion.
Michael Tanner - Bowed Cymbals, Temple Bells, Harmonium
Alison Cotton - Vocals
Alison O'Donnell - Vocals

Recorded at Greenwitch and West Moors, Dorset.

The Recruited Collier

Aine O'Dwyer - Harp
Michael Tanner - Bass Drum, Accordion, Harmonium
David Colohan - Vocals, Tin Whistle
Nicholas Palmer - Accordion

Recorded at Mupe Bay Smuggler's Cave, West Moors and London

Twa Corbies

Michael Tanner - Pedal Harmonium, Bass Drum, Accordion, Strohviol
Alison Cotton - Vocals, Viola
David Colohan - Vocals, Parlour Guitar, Tin Whistle
Nicholas Palmer - Piano

Recorded at Greenwitch and West Moors, Dorset

Waiting For Another Day

Michael Tanner - Guitar, Electric Bass, Glockenspiel
Alison Cotton - Viola
David Colohan - Vocals

Written by Water Into Wine Band

Recorded at Greenwitch, Dorset.

Ten Thousand Miles

David Colohan - Vocals, Bouzouki
Nicholas Palmer - Piano
Aine O'Dwyer - Harp
Alison Cotton - Vocals, Viola

Written by Nic Jones

Recorded at Greenwitch and West Moors, Dorset

Mixed by Michael Tanner at Greenwitch Dorset and Lewes, East Sussex


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United Bible Studies

'The music of United Bible Studies always emanates from a place where primal, slightly dangerous forces live.... Conjuring improvisations from pastoral forms and earthy drones, their art teeters between fierce exaltations of the flesh and celestial spiritual journeys.' The Wire ... more

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